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Dec 09, 2023 S05 E10 00:14:46

Whether you're navigating professional challenges, seeking personal growth, or simply looking to boost your overall well-being, this episode is a guide on how to build your confidence.Tune in for an empowering conversation that will leave you inspire...

Nov 18, 2023 S05 E07 00:11:52

With the Holiday Season upon us, I want to talk about my unique perspective in how I approach the holidays.

We spend all year going 100 pursuing our goals and dreams, so when it's time to kick back with the family and celebrate the holidays....

Nov 03, 2023 S05 E05 00:15:13

On tonight’s episode, we talk about the idea of "obsessions" as the ultimate hype. This ideology highlights the transformative power of intense passion and dedication.

I dive into my perspective about being obsessed with the things that...

Oct 28, 2023 S05 E04 00:13:23

On today’s episode, we talk about how our words shape our reality.

Our words hold so much power and influence, especially to those whom we are exchanging them with.

The book: The Four Agreements  Support the show

Oct 20, 2023 S05 E03 00:10:54

On tonight’s episode, we talk about how to make better choices. I share the 8 states of our wellbeing and how they influence your ability to make a choice.

These 8 states of wellbeing  are:-your emotional-your physical-your occupational,-your soc...